Purpose of letter of introduction

If you are an overseas member visiting SGI South Africa, or if you seek contact details for members elsewhere in Africa, we will request a letter of introduction from you.

The letter of introduction is a letter from your home SGI organisation, such as Soka Gakkai in Japan, SGI-UK or SGI-USA, issued by your national or regional headquarters, and introducing you as a member of that organisation.

The letter is a measure of care and respect based on long experience across SGI. Because meetings are often held in people’s homes, and not just in centres, we feel that to protect people’s privacy and security, it’s important to observe certain measures of caution and respect.

You may never be asked physically to produce your letter of introduction, but offering to do so helps increase trust. Even when someone has been in touch prior to visiting, as you have, not every member you might meet will know that you are visiting.

Circumstances vary from country to country, and while in South Africa we don’t have any problems, in some politically or religiously conservative countries, SGI members live with the awareness that their activities may be considered threatening by some people, and so do need to take extra precautions to check the bona fides of outsiders.

So, wherever you might be traveling as an SGI member, it’s always worth getting a letter of introduction, encouraging other members to do the same, and mentioning that you have it when first encountering those amongst whom you are visiting.

Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to welcoming you!